Alora Reusable Pads

Comfy, Clean and Eco-friendly

Solving Period Poverty By Producing and Selling  Eco Friendly Reusable Menstrual Hygiene Products

Alora Reusable Pads are made for every woman and girl. It is affordable, easy to use, comfortable and available in three sizes with varying thickness to fit every woman at all times. It is made of several layers of absorbent fabrics including cotton and water proof fabrics and serves as an alternative to disposable pads.


The Problem We Are Solving:

In rural Nigeria, approximately 37 million women do not use sanitary pads during menstruation. In urban slums, many girls lack access to affordable sanitary pads. Most families living on less than $1 per day cannot afford imported disposable pads, leading them to use unhygienic materials like rags and leaves, which expose them to infections and force them to miss school for 4-5 days each month. According to UNFPA, only 56.7% of the 17 million Nigerian girls aged between 10 and 19 have primary education, and 45.7% have secondary education. Additionally, girls constitute 60% of the 10.5 million out-of-school children in Nigeria. Without proper menstrual products, girls miss classes, become less productive, and are at higher risk of gender-based violence. Some even resort to trading sex for pads, exposing themselves to early pregnancies, abortions, HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted infections.

Our Unique Solution:

Alora Reusable Pads was created to combat Period Poverty by producing and distributing eco-friendly reusable pads made from specialized fabrics suitable for tropical African weather. Our pads are comfortable, hygienic, and affordable, and our initiative provides employment opportunities for women and girls. We also offer free sanitary advice, menstrual health and hygiene training, and distribute free pads sponsored by corporate agencies to those who cannot afford them. Since November 2020, our production factory in Calabar, Cross River State, has been operational, supporting SDGs 3, 4, and other related goals.

Market Opportunity:

Our direct and targeted regional market includes 20 to 26 million rural women and girls of menstruating age. The overall national market size is projected at 56 million, with a market value of $779 million by 2025. Increasing awareness about personal hygiene, various initiatives by sanitary pad manufacturers, governments, and NGOs, and the rising demand for better reproductive health are expected to boost the sanitary pads market in Nigeria and Africa over the next five years.

Our Total Addressable Market (TAM):

Our addressable market size is 26 million potential customers in our direct market region. With an estimated annual expenditure of $7.94 per customer for sanitary pads, our TAM is calculated at $206,440,000.

Alora Reusable Pads Comes in:


Environmentally friendly

Picture this, count the years since you started your periods in your early teens until the present age you are in right now, be it in your mid-twenties or you have just entered your menopause stage. Now, calculate the amount of disposable pads you have used in your life time. Everyone can make their own small personal contribution to the reduction of waste from disposable pads and tampons in our environment by switching to alora reusable menstrual products.

Alora Saves You Money

Everybody prefers the cheaper option, who doesn’t? Although investing in a quality reusable menstrual product costs you more money at the initial purchase, it saves you more over a long period as you don’t have to buy monthly disposables.Purchasing tampons and pads frequently costs much more because of the regular consumption; therefore, the products do not last very long unlike buying a pack of alora reusable pads that can last you months or years, depending on usage and method of cleaning, which in the long run will cost you less money.

Fashionably feminine

The best thing about buying Alora cloth pads and period panties is that they come in a variety of colorful unique designs, styles, absorbencies, shapes and lengths that you can choose from and you get to pick the design that suits you and says who you are. Disposables come in a standard design and packaging that does not leave much to the imagination and you can only pick out of what is available, which isn’t much.

It is affordable

Our Reusable pads are cost effective and purchasing them will help you save money in the long run while you use the pads over a very long period of time.

Alora is Safer for the body

Disposables sanitary products cause rashes and irritations. Alora cloth pads and period panties are made from cotton material that is soft and breathable and allows air flow to the sensitive parts. It also keeps these areas moisturized unlike regular tampons and pads that absorb all moisture from the vagina living it dry and, therefore, susceptible to vaginal infections.

Reusable Pads

Saving the planet is cool. Fact. Considering your impact on future generations is a cool thing to do. Fact. Reducing your plastic and energy use is cool.

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