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But are reusable sanitary pads safe?
So you are thinking of trying reusable period pads but are worried they are not safe, do not worry you are in the right place.

So firstly what are reusable pads?
Reusable period pads are period pads which are made from washable textile materials. They are worn in the same way as standard disposable pads but after use are taken off, washed and reused.

We have become so used to the disposable option. Throwing away any sign of our periods. The products create A LOT of waste with the average menstruator using over 11000 period products in their lifetime. Swapping to reusables can reduce 90% of the environmental impact created by disposable products. The amazing health and environmental benefits of reusable products have become more known over the past few years which is great. But of course, many of us may feel a little nervous to move away from a type of product we are so used to.

It is completely normal for us to feel nervous to make the switch, so do not be too tough on yourself. Periods can be rough enough never mind any more added pressure.

Alora Pads want to become a space where your questions about reusable products can be answered.

So are reusable sanitary pads safe?
The short answer is yes; absolutely. But lets dive into this a little more.

There are several research studies which have proven that reusable period pads are hygienic and safe.

The main risk associated with any product is absorbency. If the product does not adequately absorb and remains wet and is worn for a log period fo time,it can lead to irritation. But many users note that they find reusable period pads are more fefctive at absorbing than disposable pads!

Reusable pads also tend to be more breathable and natural than disposable pads. Disposable pads have been known to contain nasty chemicals which are harsh and irritable.

The key to ensuring any period product is safe is staying clean. As long as you clean your period pad after use and ensure it is completely dry before you use all will be good.

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